Bali Marine Walk

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Imagine.You are walking at the ocean bed, admiring the beauty of the sea garden, colorful corals, playing with bright fishes, feeding them from your hand and smiling.

ONLY 30 minutes cruise to the white sandy Lembongan Island with Marine Walk SUPER BOAT and enjoy our “ALL INCLUSIVE ACTIVITIES”

Bali Marine Walk using an open-ended helmet that allows the wearer to stay underwater by just putting it over head. The helmet is connected to the scuba thanks by air hose that supplies it with air. The interior of the helmet is designed with a defogging mechanism that prevents the front window from fogging. The helmet is also fitted with a vent which continuously exhausts unneeded air from the helmet. Since the bent is located at the back, there is no air valve to obstruct the guest’s view.

Guest wearing helmet descend a ladder to the ocean or aquarium floor where they can walk and experience the underwater world.

Guest remains underwater for 15 minutes. The time was determined as the safest length of time for guests who have never been underwater before.

What to Bring/Wear
– Swimsuit
– Sunscreen
– Changed clothing

– Hotel Return Transfer
– Return Boat Transfer Sanur – Lembongan
– Welcome drink
– Marine Walk
– Snorkeling
– Village Cycling tour or Beach Kayaking
– Lunch
– Mineral Water & cold towel
– Safety Instruction & Equipment
– Experienced instructor will be there to support you
– Locker, towel, changing room and shower facilities
– Insurance covered

Don’t forget
Money for your drink in restaurant and for under the sea photo US$ 10 (on request) or if you want to use owned underwater camera, make sure it’s designed for at least 8 meters depth.

Guest with heart or lung problems, on medication, pregnant, with asthma or other respiratory ailments cannot dive. Guest with specific needs can also enjoy Bali Marine Walk as long as the can use both of their hands. Please contact us one day before.

Bali Marine Walk
Children (9-14)
Day Cruise USD 98 USD 75


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